Flotilla 42, Rochester, New York

Replacing a lost or damaged ABS Card.

The cost for a replacement card is $15.00.

You can pay on our website via PayPal or Credit Card.

The easiest way to replace your Safe Boating Card is to take a picture of the ABS Certificate you were issued upon successful completion of our Safe Boating course.

The picture can be emailed to aux42class@gmail.com, along with the address you would like the replacement card to be sent.

Or if you like, you may text your photo to 585-233-2565. Again, please include the address you would like the replacement card sent.

If you do not have the certificate you were issued upon course completion, we may be able to locate your information if you can provide the month AND year you attended the class.

Please keep in mind that we are a volunteer organization and may not be able to retrieve your information.

ABS Card Replacement - PAY ON LINE

ABS Card

In the event we cannot locate your information you will need to retake the About Boating Safely class to obtain a new certificate and card.

Please feel free to email any questions to aux42class@gmail.com.

Thank you for attending the About Boating Safely class.

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 42